It’s probably the most difficult and one of several largest long-term projects that I’ve ever done for D2 Group Pty Ltd – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre indoor swimming and diving pool lighting upgrade.

It is one of the largest aquatic arenas in Southern Hemisphere and used not only by professional swimmers and divers, but also for family recreation activities.

Lighting objectives

The key objectives were:

  • replacing old 2kW MH floodlights with new LED fixtures;
  • compliance with illuminance levels (horizontal and vertical) and uniformity over the swimming pool and diving area according to Australian Standards usable for colour television broadcasting;
  • optimise lighting layout for minimal power;
  • minimize glare for swimmers and divers as well as for spectators;
  • separate switching levels for the swimming pool and diving pool area (8 control groups in total).

Lighting solution

D2 LED PT Floodlights (300W) illuminate all areas over the pool from ceiling and catwalk. Thorn’s Mundial (2kW) asymmetric floodlights used as additional lighting for 1000 lux level over swimming pool for TV broadcasting.

Results and benefits

As a result we achieved annual savings on energy cost up to 80% and on maintenance cost up to 83%.
But swimming club members’ impression says more than any numbers, as you may see on photos below.


A photo from Melbourne Sports Hub twitter taken during a competition:

Some photos from Instagram, taken by MSAC members:

Does it get much better!!!! Sunday night relaxing swim at #msac #sunday #loveit #swimming

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  • Project Type: Sports Pool Lighting
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Customer: D2 Group Pty Ltd
  • Project Year: 2016