Merefa-Kherson Bridge Lighting (WIP)

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Bridge Lighting

This will be WIP (Work In Progress) page for bridge lighting design of my passion – Merefa-Kherson Bridge.

It is non-commercial lighting design of the bridge. But if you are dreaming about providing lighting for this beautiful construction, then probably you want to contact me and use my skills or materials that I have already done.


Design History

First time I saw this bridge in 2009 when I was in Dnipro in business trip. Since that time I dreamt to do lighting design for it.

This bridge is a monument of architecture (wiki). Therefore lighting design should take this into account and do not use mounting type or locations of lighting fixtures, which may cause a violation of the structure.

All photos of the bridge are from Wikimedia Commons. GIF-image from

Bridge Modelling

For now I prepared only geometry of the bridge and next step will be texturing.

To be continued…

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